Here’s 10 Details From BTS’s “Butter” Concept Photos Versions 1 And 2 You Might Not Have Noticed

The attention to detail in BTS’s concept photos is amazing!

BTS has released their first three sets of concept photos for their “Butter” single release. In both versions 1 and 2, some ARMYs have noticed a few details that might be easy to overlook. The attention to detail in the photos is amazing and proves “no detail is too small.”

Here are 10 details you might have missed…

1. “20219” keeps coming back

On a mug in the group photo of version 1 are the numbers “20219.”


These numbers were previously seen on the train’s cargo car in the “RUN” MV.


2. Hints for the second song

There are tons of miscellaneous items throughout version 1’s photos. If you look close, you’ll see words and phrases that many suspect to be lyrics for the second song featured on the CD release. One of the phrases is also “Permission to Dance,” which Ed Sheeran confirmed to be the title of the second track.

3. BTS’s love for ARMY

We already know BTS love ARMY, but they added another reminder by putting doodles of both a heart and a ring next to “army” written on a sketchpad.

4. “FLAMMABLE” sign in J-Hope’s solo photo

The sign behind J-Hope in his version 1 solo photo reads “FLAMMABLE KEEP FIRE AWAY.” This could hint at a number of things. Similar to the rest of the photos in version 1, it might be potential lyrics, perhaps?

J-Hope | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

5. Versions 1 and 2 are connected

6. The police lineup background is actually heartrates

7. This wouldn’t be the first time that BTS were inspired by Michael Jackson

8. J-Hope is the only one without handcuffs

In version 2, most of the members accessorized with handcuffs except for J-Hope.


9. The numbers in version 2 appear to be the same as those in the “Butter” music video.

10. Not only do some of the members’ hairstyles resemble that of previous eras but even their shoes!

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