20 Of The Funniest Reactions To BTS’s Car Wash “Butter” Photos

“I would let him step on the roof of my car…”

It’s time to get hotter, sweet, cooler, “Butter” at the BTS car wash! Today, BTS released the third set of photos for their upcoming “Butter” single release, taken at a gas station. Here are 20 of ARMY’s funniest reactions so far!


1. “Are you ok?”

2. New rule: if it rolls, it’s a car

3. Water fight

4. If your ARMY friends suddenly vanish, this is why.

5. Somebody didn’t get the “intimidate the customers” memo

6. Car Wash Boys: washing away sanity since 2013.

7. Does this cost extra?

8. Victorian ARMYs be like:

9. Does RM offer a bike wash service?

10. Jin stans are not doing well right now

11. So. Many. Emotions.

12. Welcome. First time at Bangtan Wash?


13. You bring the sponges, we’ll bring the love

14. Our weekend plans

15. There can only be one

16. The most unfair “Would You Rather” ever

17. Roll up to the car wash…if you dare.

18. It’s just too much

19. When you realize this is just the beginning

20. The short answer is, “No.”

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