20 BTS “Butter” Memes That Will Make Your Day 200%…Butter

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BTS‘s new song “Butter” is coming out next month, but the celebration has already started! In addition to punny pick up lines, ARMYs are dropping memes. Here are 20 that will make your day…butter!

Jungkook | BANGTANTV/Youtube

1. “Life is sweet as—” “BUTTER!”

2. Oh, hey! It’s Suga.

3. I’m not crying…anymore.

4. Melt faster!

This clever fan sped up the “What’s Melting?” countdown with a hairdryer.

5. How do you like your butter? Salty.

6. Even Not Butter’s getting in on the action.

7. “Butter” put the “tease” in “teaser”.

It just couldn’t be–wait for it–butthered. (Get it? Buttered? Bothered? I’ll show myself out…)

| @planetsuga/Twitter

8. “Butterfly” flew…

…so “Butter” could melt.

| @GummyYoongiiiii/Twitter

9. This glow up

10. Start your day with a healthy serving of…

…world domination.

| @Borahaepurplely/Twitter 

11. Dairy does a body good.


Jungkook | @Borahaepurplely/Twitter 

12. How much butter do you want?

Just a little Tae-ste. 

13. It’s fine. Everything’s fine!

14. They said, “Butter.”

15. Have fun?

16. Just join the fandom already!

17. Mmm. Healthy.

18. Breakfast is served!

19. What does Queen “Spring Day” have to say…

…about this?

| @GummyYoongiiiii/Twitter

20. Tag yourself…

…I’m Jin.