BTS Looked Drop Dead Gorgeous In Their “Butter” Video Teaser Outfits—Here Are The Exact Clothes They Wore

They cost a pretty penny.

BTS recently released their teaser video for their upcoming comeback “Butter.” The 23-second trailer featured one shot of the members bopping their heads to the beat. They only wore a single set of outfits, and they were all gorgeous.

Check out what pieces they’re wearing below!


1. Jungkook

First up, Jungkook had a strong aura with his long hair and cool expression. He wore Versace‘s “Crystal-embellished Double-breasted Blazer” which costs around $5,550 USD—an expensive piece of clothing for an expensive-looking man!

| Versace

2. J-Hope

With his blonde hair and confidence in being the center of the line, J-Hope caught everyone’s attentions. He wore a thick shoulder-padded blazer from BALMAIN Paris‘ “Pre-fall 2021” collection.


3. Jin

“Worldwide Handsome” Jin reaffirmed that his nickname matches him perfectly in this teaser! He stood out from the crowd with his white set of clothes, wearing Saint Laurent‘s “Single Breasted Wool Blazer” that retails for $3,087 USD!

| Saint Laurent

4. RM

RM can go viral with his good looks even if he’s just standing. He dressed elegantly in a blazer from BALMAIN’s “Spring-Summer 2021 Collection.”

| Balmain

5. Accessories

And finally, we can’t forget the accessories that the boys were wearing! V rocked it in a CHANEL dangling earring set that retails for $725 USD.

| @imalittleshyyy/Twitter

J-Hope wore a necklace from the same brand that has an even more eye-watering price at $875 USD! It featured metal and diamonds with an attractive gold, silver, and purple color scheme.


One thing’s for sure, BTS always looks runway ready!


Check out their full teaser video below!

Source: Twitter