Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In Their “Butter” Special Performance Video

Some items cost as low as $36, while others go over $1,000 USD!

BTS recently released a special performance video for “Butter.” They all stayed within the song’s vibe as they coordinated in yellow, but each member maintained their own unique style!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in their “Butter” special performance video…

1. RM

RM wore a matching set of a military liner jacket and beach shorts from Universal Works. They cost $319 USD and $140 USD, respectively. His printed pocket T-shirt is $92 USD. His bandana-print canvas sneakers are from RHUDE and cost $395 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Universal Works & RHUDE

2. Jin

Jin’s bright pop of yellow comes from a simple button-up and a pair of Vans shoes. This version of Vans is called Authentic 44 DX Anaheim Sidewall and is $100 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Vans 

If you want to accessorize like Jin, his two unique pieces of jewelry are very contrasting in cost. First is the silver locket bracelet for $430 USD, which is Louis Vuitton for UNICEF. The more economical item is the Hanami by Rome Bandana necklace from Universal Works for $36 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Universal Works & Louis Vuitton for UNICEF 

3. Suga

Suga looked especially cute in his yellow and blue outfits! His smiley earth embroidered T-shirt is from Andersson Bell and costs $76 USD. His railroad striped jeans is Levi’s and $110 USD. He accessorized with a pair Vault Old Skool Vans for $100 USD and a classic Polo Ralph Lauren cap for $40 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Levi’s & Andersson Bell & Polo Ralph Lauren & Vans 

4. J-Hope

J-Hope layered a golden sleeveless oversized sweater over the top of a white T-shirt. This Raf Simons sweater costs $577 USD. Also from Raf Simons is an uneven knee patch jeans for $733 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & GANT & Raf Simons 

He accessorized with a pair of Garold sneakers from GANT for $138 USD. He also wore a badge set from Raf Simons that come at a surprising price of $190 USD! His beaded bracelet from Vintage Hollywood is $62 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Raf Simons 

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Vintage Hollywood 

5. Jimin

Jimin wore a knit sweater from STU (Saturday of Us) for $143 USD. He paired it with $250 USD yellow shorts from the brand Unused. His outfit is accessorized by a pair of canvas Kibby trainers from PS by Paul Smith, which cost $195 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & STU & Unused & PS by Paul Smith 

6. V

One of the most economical items on this entire list is V’s summer net cardigan from Common Closet for just $51 USD!

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Common Closet 

If there was a budget on V’s outfit, most of it was likely spent on accessories! His retro-inspired Manomos sunglasses are nearly $200 USD, and his Prepburg low lace shoes from GANT are $205 USD. His beads objet necklace from LIFUL is, like the sweater, more affordable with a price tag of $40 USD. However, the ethnic Western keychain from Andersson Bell is enough to put you in sticker shock as it’s $109 USD!

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Andersson Bell & LIFUL & Manomos & GANT 

7. Jungkook

Jungkook gave us “Euphoria” vibes with this look! He wore a bright yellow patchwork knitted jumper from Raf Simons. It’s the most expensive item on the list as it costs over $1,000 USD, and it’s already sold out!

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Raf Simons & Alexander McQueen 

He paired it with slim-fit blue jeans from Saint Laurent for $690 USD. His deck lace-up Plimsoll shoes are from Alexander McQueen and cost $520 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07/Twitter & @bts_bighit/Twitter & Saint Laurent 

Source: @Bangtan_Style07 and Image (1) and (2)