These Celebrities Met BTS At The 2019 Grammy Awards

“Yes… I was a fangirl for BTS” – Eve

BTS love to meet up with old friends and make new ones, and there was no better place to mingle than the 2019 Grammy Awards. Here are just some of the many celebrities BTS met that night, and during the time they spent in LA.


1. Kim Jones

BTS took this group photo with Dior designer Kim Jones not long after they arrived in Los Angeles to attend the Grammys.


2. Alicia Keys

This photo was snapped when Alicia Keys met BTS backstage.


3. Lilly Singh

Canadian actress and YouTuber Lilly Singh was reunited with BTS at the Grammys. She previously met BTS at the United Nations General Assembly, where RM gave his inspirational “Speak Yourself” speech.


4. David Wild

American writer and critic David Wild posted this selfie on Twitter, along with this caption: “Hey ⁦@kenjeong⁩, if we have a ⁦@MaskedSingerFOX⁩ viewing party for the new episode this Wednesday night, we HAVE to invite these fantastic ⁦@BTS_twt⁩ guys over to watch with us, right? They are SO much fun. #BTS #TheMaskedSinger”.


5. Eve

Rapper Eve met BTS backstage at the Grammys. She uploaded this photo along with the caption, “Yes… I was a #fangirl for #BTS


6. Anna Kendrick

So far, no photos of BTS and Anna Kendrick have surfaced, but they were captured on video together. This bright, lovable actress was seated beside BTS, and she went out of her way to look after the members like a true noona.

Anna Kendrick also took this cute video of Jungkook filming Drake‘s speech.


7. H.E.R

R&B sensation H.E.R briefly met BTS on stage when they presented her with the award for “Best R&B Album”. was the one to hand her the trophy.


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