Anna Kendrick Took Care Of BTS At The 2019 Grammy Awards

They may have been nervous, but they had a friend on their side.

BTS entered an exciting and nerve-wracking new world at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, but fans can feel at ease knowing that the members had a friend looking out for them.


A few days before the Grammys, the Staples Center leaked a seating chart that revealed where BTS would be sitting.


When fans saw the seating arrangement, some were concerned about the members not sitting together in the same row. They were happy to see though, that the boys would be sitting with some beloved celebs who also happen to be K-Pop fans, like Anna Kendrick.


Anna Kendrick ended up sitting next to Jungkook


…whom she caught on camera filming Drake‘s speech.


This bright, fun-loving actress also had a blast singing along to the show with the members.


Anna Kendrick reached out to BTS fans on Twitter to let them know that BTS were in good hands at the Grammys. She said that she’d offered to get the members snacks and anything else they needed.


ARMYs have thanked her for looking after BTS and for offering to keep the members fed. They know that her seat-neighbor Jungkook, in particular, can never get enough of free food!


ARMYs can now feel at ease, knowing that BTS had a good friend on their side!


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