Want To Go Twinsies With BTS? Here’s 8 Affordable Clothing Items From Their Closet

Everything under $60!

BTS is known for their huge success, not only in music, but also in the fashion world. They’ve been contracted for various ambassadorships including from luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton. So what’s a broke fangirl (or boy!) to do when you’re saddled with student loans, rent, and more? Here’s 8 items as seen on the boys themselves that will most definitely not break the bank.

1. J-Hope’s cute beret

J-Hope’s little brown cap is from Kangol. The Tropic 504 cap retails for $49 USD.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

2. RM’s basic tee

This Basic Logo Tee from Carhartt in grey retails for as low as $19.99 USD.

| @btaigooo/Twitter

3. RM’s cardigan

This adorable mint cardigan goes on sale at ZARA. The Cotton Cardigan sells for $59.90 USD, making it just within our budget!

4. Jungkook’s sweater

This casual grey sweater is from MARKM. The Bold Logo Pigment Sweatshirt sells for around $56 USD.

5. Jin’s necklace

It is harder than you’d expect to find something under $60 USD on this man’s body. Of course, his entire existence himself is the most expensive luxury good on the planet! This Grape Necklace from NONENON goes for about $22 USD.

| @btsdailyinfo/Twitter

6. Jimin’s earrings

The navy flower on his left ear is from JEALOUSY. The get me flower earrings cost $17 USD.

| BigHit Entertainment

7. Suga’s daisy bracelet

You’re going to have to squint real hard for this one, but what better excuse to rewatch the “Dynamite” music video for the 100000000th time, right? Suga dons a cute daisy bracelet from Vintage Hollywood.

The Make A Wish Daisy Bracelet sells for about $32 USD.

| wconcept

8. V’s beret

V sports a blue cap in the music video for “Dynamite”, very similar to the brown Kangol J-Hope wears in #1. The blue Golf Tropic Ventair goes for $34 USD at Kangol.

| BigHit Entertainment

It was truly a struggle sniffing out items under $60 worn by the BTS boys! They certainly prove it’s not the outfit nor the accessories, but the members themselves that embody fashion.


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