BTS Are Pajama Party Princes In 20+ New “BE” Behind The Scenes Photos 

Check out these new photos from their comeback special.

BTS is sharing never-before-seen photos from their comeback broadcast for BE. This special show aired on November 20, 2020, while Suga was recovering from shoulder surgery. Some photos were taken by the staff, others were taken by the members. Check them out!

1. BTS

BTS dressed in their outfits from the “Life Goes On” music video. They included Suga by adding a standee to the set and posing with it.

In the background, the staff added bubble letters and banners, including one of BTS’s BE concept photo.

Together, they enjoyed tasty snacks while telling fans more about the album.

2. RM

Are we seeing double? RM is twinning with his BT21 character KOYA.

In this photo, taken by Jin, RM used manner legs to make himself the same height as Suga. Suga previously wore this sash and crown to celebrate BTS’s No.1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their song “Dynamite.”

3. Jin

Even with missed-the-mark lipstick and a gaudy outfit, Jin is still Worldwide Handsome!

This photo of him cutely posing with Suga was taken by Jungkook.

4. J-Hope

Who needs pizza when this dance king is the whole buffet? J-Hope rocked his casual outfit…

…and this lipstick couldn’t distract us from his charms.

Jimin got low to take this larger-than-life photo of J-Hope with Suga.

5. Jimin

This photo shows pajama prince Jimin wandering the set with a self-cam while dressed in GUCCI.

This fun photo of him carrying Suga on his back was taken by RM.

6. V

When V went from idol to makeup artist on set, he carried around this pouch with pride.

Unlike the other members, V decided to casually carry Suga in his arms. Photographer J-Hope captured the moment.

7. Jungkook

As usual, Jungkook was interested in what the staff was doing on set. At one point he carried around this board reflector, which is used to redirect light.

Like Jin and J-Hope, Suga got his makeup done…

…and he enjoyed a slice of pizza. This photo was taken by V, the photographer also known as Vante.


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