11 Hilarious Moments From BTS’s Making Of “Cookie Run: Kingdom” Episode 2 That Every ARMY Should See

#3 sums up how chaotic it was. 🤣

In the latest episode of BTS‘s collaboration with “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” the members all created their own kingdoms and storylines…and things quickly turned chaotic! Check out some of the funniest moments below.

1. Jungkook drew RM during debut era — and it was totally accurate.

That’s our artist!

2. J-Hope perfectly imitated V’s matter-of-fact way of speaking and everyone lost it.

This is exactly what he would say to the villain.

3. Suga compared his “peaceful, lawless land” to “iced, hot coffee.”

It makes sense because it makes no sense.

4. There was a saga of V’s crown trying to escape.

The editing of the crown’s voice was iconic.

5. It just wouldn’t give up.

Every moment, it was flying off screen!

6. Jimin basically made up words and even checked the dictionary.

“Eistallen” has a ring to it.

7. Jin’s genius idea featuring J-Hope left the members wheezing.

Hobi’s support can make anything happen!

8. RM admitted he had no idea what he was saying.

He was winging it like a last minute class presentation…and Jimin totally called him out for it.

9. Jungkook immediately regretted playing along with Jimin’s skit.

The look on his face right after says it all.

10. J-Hope’s waffle cut idea was just too funny.

Try not to laugh at the cute smile he drew that looks just like his!

11. Yes, Suga named his kingdom “Jeon Jeongguk Kingdom.”

It’s sure to be a hit with a name like that!

Watch the full episode below!