7 Non-Celeb BTS Lookalikes Who Should Form A BTS Cover Group ASAP

These fans look exactly like the members.

Some ARMYs have been blessed with the genetics and makeup skills needed to cosplay the BTS members with mind-blowing accuracy. In fact, these fans look so much like BTS that they could be mistaken for the real members!


1. Chibana_of – Jungkook lookalike


2. loy_4112 – Jin lookalike


3. swi11175314 – Suga lookalike


4. kimskm06 – J-Hope lookalike


5. moyashin_29 – RM lookalike


6. BTS_r7 – Jimin lookalike


7. Tooiizchabu – V lookalike


8. BONUS – BTS Pt. 2

If all seven of these cosplayers formed a group, this is what it would look like!