Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In Their New “Permission To Dance” Music Video

Which piece would you buy first?

BTS recently released the music video for their new track, “Permission To Dance,” and it gained a lot of love for its positive message and celebrating diversity! It also had a cowboy theme that fans couldn’t get enough of!

Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in their “Permission To Dance” music video!

1. Jin

Jin proved that sometimes you don’t need too many colors and styles to shine in his first outfit. With a simple white shirt, Jin wore embellished ripped jeans from VAL KRISTOPHER, costing $706 USD.

Like his other outfit, Jin continued to showcase his dazzling visuals in a plain white shirt, but he teamed it with some bolder statement pieces this time. He wore some western-style leather pants from CMMN SWDN, which cost $1,300 USD, and teamed them with a paisley print belt from HTC, which was $186 USD.

2. Suga

In the first part of the video, Suga really showcased his Western flair in his outfit. With a pair of straight-leg jeans from VAL KRISTOPHER costing $561 USD, Suga teamed it with some more affordable pieces, including an Eponym shirt costing $173 USD and a $155 USD necklace from KUJAAN.

His second outfit utilized bolder colors and, alongside a bold shirt, Suga teamed it with some $172 USD metal suspenders from TOGA and a statement bracelet from Chanel.

3. RM

Not many people can pull of double-denim, but RM is definitely one of those people! In the video, RM wore a Ralph Lauren combo with a $319 USD denim shirt and $495 jeans. This outfit was all about accessories, and, along with a pricey $2,110 USD hat from Vismin, he teamed it with a variety of pins from Ralph Lauren ranging from a reasonable $25 USD to $39 USD and a Cody Anderson ring costing $550 USD.

His next outfit was just as bold with a statement embroidered floral shirt from Saint Laurent costing $1,500 USD. He teamed it with a more subtle pair of spray pants from XANDER ZHOU costing $430 USD and a $300 USD Jil Sander necklace.

4. J-Hope

It seems as if all the members perfectly pulled off the cowboy look, and J-Hope was no exception. With a simple pale-pink sleeveless shirt from Ernest W. Baker costing $320 USD, he paired it with some western-style pants from Off-White costing $690 USD and a $395 USD Saint Laurent bracelet.

Pairing with some customs denim shorts, J-Hope also rocked the double denim look with an altered denim jacket from Wrangler.

5. Jimin

Although minimalist, Jimin’s outfit really allowed his visuals to shine but still work with the video’s concept. His bolero jacket cost $179.95 USD from H BAR C and, teamed with LANVIN jeans costing $1,249 USD. It screamed style.

In his second outfit, it was the literal epitome of cowboy style! With a tasseled shirt from H BAR C, which costs a reasonable $149.99 USD, Saint Laurent $445 USD bracelet, and $228 USD avec earring, it was the perfect combination.

6. V

V looked like he came straight out of a Western movie with his outfit. With a simple denim shirt from Wrangler, V utilized his accessories to make the outfit pop. A $490 USD studded necklace from Valentino, $245 USD Saint Laurent ID bracelet, and $631 Ralph Lauren POLO belt completed the look perfectly.

Compared to the rest of the video, V’s outfit for this scene was bold and bright. With a minimalistic heart pendant from Saint Laurent costing $430 USD, it is the perfect statement piece to complete any outfit.

7. Jungkook

As expected, most of the BTS members rocked double-denim and proved that it still works in 2021! Jungkook wore two denim pieces from Ralph Lauren with a $490 USD denim jacket and $299 USD jeans, both in a distressed style. He teamed it with a simple KUJAAN ring which costs $117 USD.

With his darker-colored combo, Jungkook just screamed charisma and mystery. With his $375 USD buckle belt from Saint Laurent, it completed his look perfectly.

Source: Bangtan_style07, FI and FI