Countdown Stages That Show How Much BTS Have Changed

It’s been a long time.

Recently, BTS reflected on their debut stage on Mnet Countdown in a special video. They spoke of how it really was the beginning for them and how they’ve changed so much since then. This list catalogues just how much their stages have changed over the years.

#5 – No More Dream (06/13/2013)

Their first ever stage on the show. Even back then you couldn’t deny the talent and energy they showed.

“If I didn’t catch the hat… When Jimin hyung threw the hat and I caught it like that! It was the first time I ever received those kinds of cheers, so it was really exhilarating. I felt like I became a “somebody” and I thought I was cool, back then” – Jungkook

Jungkook was overjoyed to have caught the hat during the famous dance move.

“When I do M Countdown stages, I specifically pay extra careful attention. It’s a stage that is like a black hole, in which I compress the entirety of my sense of weight and responsibilities, excitement and nerves” – RM

RM feels like M Countdown stages in particular are very important to him and he is extra careful about his performance.

#4 – Boy In Luv (02/13/2014)

It’s just under a year later but you can feel a different vibe.

When J-Hope jumps over RM you can hear how loud the screams of the crowd are. It seems that BTS have gained quite a following since their debut stage.

#3 – I NEED U (05/07/2015)

“I NEED U” brought BTS their first win on the show ever and their second show win of all time. Their encore performance was especially “interesting”.

While is celebrating, he briefly considers taking the microphone but Jin tactically passes it off to RM who seems better prepared to thank ARMY. The boys have a bit of confidence to them now, unlike their first stage when they were nervous.

They performed their encore while applying lipstick. BTS’ goofy side was starting to show which is completely different from their “hip hop warrior” debut stage.

#2 – Spring Day (02/23/2017)

BTS had truly made it by the start of 2017, they were now the main act on whatever show they performed on.

This stage was made specifically for this performance, reflecting the popularity and draw that BTS had become.

Their stage presence and choreography is at this point already incredible.

#1 – Idol (08/18/2018)

This is the BTS we know today. Astonishing choreography and energetic vocals.

BTS are now a global act but are still humble enough to return to one of the shows which had time for them at debut! What are some of your favourite BTS stages?

Watch BTS reflect on their debut stage above!


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