Here’s How Each BTS Member Looks With A Perm

Curly hair lovers, unite!

There’s something extremely cute about the BTS members with curly hair! Check out a few times below they showed off their new permed styles.

1. Jimin

Jimin revealed he permed his hair during a recent live broadcast, and the end results are adorable!


However, this isn’t the first time Jimin sported textured hair. During DNA era, his platinum blonde locks were styled in a variety of ways from wavy to curly!


2. J-Hope

J-Hope recently showed off his new haircut and perm on Instagram that gives him a lot of volume.

If you’re looking for full curly-haired Hobi, traveling back to Fake Love or Run era will be your best bet!

3. Suga

With his hair half-crimped and half-wavy, nobody can pull off this unique style quite like Suga!

It’s safe to say he looks great in every style!


4. Jungkook

Jungkook’s curls inspired a long hair trend for men.


He’s everyone’s wannabe!


5. RM

RM doesn’t usually go for a curly-haired look, but he’s had his fair share of cute tousled looks.


However, nobody can forget his Gudetama Halloween costume in 2015 that gave us this iconic hairdo!

6. Jin

In 2018, Jin served looks in a wavy hairstyle.

With his longer hair, who knows when the look will make a return!

7. V

Perhaps the king of perms, V’s poodle hair left everyone falling for him!


With his model visuals, every style works for him!