BTS Releases Korean Culture-Inspired “DALMAJUNG” Merch — Here Are All The Stunning Items You Can Buy

Photocards, clothes, jewelry, and more!

In time for the Korean holiday Chuseok, BTS has announced the release of their DALMAJUNG official merch collection on Weverse. Inspired by the traditional imagery of Korean culture, the gorgeous collection offers a variety of merchandise for ARMYs to collect and celebrate Korean culture. Check out all the items below!

1. BTS Member Merch

There are many items featuring the members dressed in traditional hanbok, including photocards…

…and sets of stickers, in both “day” and “night” versions.

Other items include keychains, acrylic stands, and folding photos.

2. Clothes

Opt for a super cute t-shirt and pink twilly scarf…

…or go for the long skirt that pairs flawlessly with the matching sweatshirt.

The long shirt is inspired by the jeogori, also known as the jacket of the hanbok.

If you need something to store your items, the bucket bag will do the trick!

3. Jewelry

If you want something more subtle you can use daily, jewelry is the way to go! From thin, dainty bracelets…

…to the highly-coveted ivory ring.

Additionally, there are both “day” and “night” versions of the badge set.

4. Stationary and Games

Many pieces follow the theme of “day” version…

…or have the romantic feel of “night” version.

From notebooks and washi tape…

…to a Yut Nori kit, a traditional Korean board game.

There are also a variety of photocard binders to store your BTS cards.

5. Other Accessories

Even small miscellaneous items like pop sockets and hand mirrors will be available.

The small and sleek pouch comes adorned with BTS’s logo.

Last but not least, some adorable hairpins with DALMAJUNG‘s signature design and branding will be available, as well.

Many items also come with special gifts like postcards and photocards featuring the BTS members. Everything will be available for preorder starting September 17, 2021.