A Sneak Peek At 9 Unreleased Demos From BTS’s “PROOF” Tracklist  

“Spring Day,” “I NEED U,” and more.

Today, BTS released the tracklist for CD3 of their anthology album, PROOF. This CD has a combination of unreleased demo versions of old songs and three new songs for fans to enjoy. Some of these demos have been shared in the past. Here are 9 of them!


1. “Boy In Luv” (Demo Version)

The demo version of this 2014 song sounds similar to the finished track, but it has a stronger rock sound as well as a noticeable deviation at the 3:07 mark, just before the final chorus. Jungkook‘s adlib will give you chills!

2. “I NEED U” (Demo Version)

There are very few videos and audio clips of what seems to be the demo version of “I NEED U.” If the PROOF version sounds anything like this snippet, we’re not going to survive!

3. “Tony Montana” (Featuring Jimin)

Suga released his first mixtape as Agust D back in 2016. That same year, Jimin joined Suga on stage for a special performance of “Tony Montana,” a rap track from AGUST D. Fans have been begging for a studio version of this duet for years, and now it’s finally happening!

4. “Young Forever” (RM’s Demo Version)

Some of BTS’s demos sound similar to their final versions, but RM’s “Young Forever” isn’t one of them. In fact, this “Young Forever” sounds so different that it could be a completely different song!

5. “Spring Day” (V’s Demo Version)

One of the most highly anticipated demos on PROOF is V’s. His demo has a completely different chorus than the one we’ve come to know and love in “Spring Day,” one of BTS’s most popular songs of all time.

6. “DNA” (J-Hope’s Demo Version)

Get ready to dance with J-Hope’s version of BTS’s 2017 single, “DNA!” This demo has the same spirit as “DNA,” but the sound is distinctly J-Hope. The demo’s chorus is also a total departure from the final version’s.

7. “Epiphany” (Jin’s Demo Version)

Get your tissues ready for Jin’s “Epiphany,” a heartwrenching take on an already heartwrenching solo. This clip from Jin’s demo is entirely in English, but it is unclear if the same will be true for the new demo version.

8. “Seesaw” (Demo Version)

The song most of us know as “Seesaw” has an alternate title, “Flower.” While the melody for “Flower” is almost identical to that of “Seesaw,” the instruments differ.

9. “Still With You” (Acapella)

If you are weak for Jungkook’s vocals, I have bad news for you. The acapella version of “Still With You,” is going to hurt, but in the best possible way. Here’s proof:


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