If BTS Were Disney Villains, Here’s Who They Would Be

Forget princes. This is BTS on the dark side of Disney.

It’s easy to imagine BTS‘s members as Disney princes, but what if they went to the dark side? If Disney cast BTS as villains, here’s who they might be!


1. RM – Scar

RM‘s “God of Destruction” reputation could make him a great Hades, but we’re leaning slightly more toward Scar. Like Scar, RM was an underdog (underlion?) who rose up to a place of power using his leadership skills, intelligence, and perseverance.

Like Scar, RM has his own vision of how to make the world a better place. Unlike Scar though, RM puts his loved ones before himself, and he uses his influence to help others rather than to fulfill his own self interests.


2. Jin – Mother Gothel

Jin‘s flair for the dramatic could make him an excellent Captain Hook, and his sassiness is on par with Hades, but we’ve decided to go with Mother Gothel because she has both of these traits, and more.

Like Mother Gothel, Jin is witty, highly intelligent, and totally in love with his own beauty. They both have a sassy sense of humor and take on guardian roles within their stories. As the oldest BTS member, Jin looks out for his younger ones, but we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t lock them in a tower…unless they had it coming!


3. Suga – Yzma

What do Suga and a diabolical old woman have in common? A lot more than you might think! Like Yzma, Suga always speaks his mind, no matter how blunt or savage those thoughts might be.

It not a good idea to wake Suga or Yzma from their beauty sleep…

…and they’re both adorable “cats” on the inside!


4. J-Hope – Dr. Facilier

J-Hope has more in common with this witch doctor than one might expect. Like Dr. Facilier, J-Hope is an amazing performer born to entertain.

They both have killer dance skills, a compelling stage presence, and can be very charming. Like J-Hope, Dr. Facilier has lots of friends…on the other side.


5. Jimin – Ursula

It’s hard to picture sweet Jimin as a villain, but if we had to pick one, it’d be Ursula. Jimin and Ursula are both charismatic entertainers who don’t underestimate the importance of body language.

They each work a kind of magic on the people around them. Ursula uses spells and Jimin basically is a spell because everything he does is irresistibly enchanting. It’s called “The Jimin Effect”!


6. V – Cruella de Vil

Quick! Somebody cover Yeontan‘s ears because he’s not going to want to hear this! Cruella de Vil hates animals as much as adores them, but aside from that, they do have a few similarities.

Cruella and V are both fashionistas who rule the fashion game. Their styles are bold, unique, and never fail to leave an impression.

Like Cruella, V is creative and he lives by his own rules…but he doesn’t sacrifice puppies to do it!


7. Jungkook – Gaston

Would Jungkook lock up “crazy, old Maurice” to force Belle to marry him? Of course not. But is he strong enough to lift three barmaids (and a bench) with one arm? Probably.

Like Gaston, Jungkook is strong, fearless, confident, and extremely competitive. He always brings his A-game, and he overcomes every obstacle that stands between him and his goals.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if he eats five dozen eggs a day to help him get as large as a barge!