Urban Dictionary Defined The “Jimin Effect” And It’s Accurate AF

Have you fallen for the “Jimin Effect”?

Twitter user @Highkey_ARMY tweeted at Urban Dictionary to define “Jimin effect” and they did not let down.

The “Jimin Effect” refers to BTS‘s Jimin and is defined as a “short circuit that happens in the wiring of the brain when one first experiences a visual encounter with Park Jimin.”

It will usually result in feelings of love and happiness but differs depending on what version of Jimin is encountered.

If you encounter Mochi Jimin, the usual reaction is to grab the nearest person and demand how someone as adorable as Jimin can exist.

If you encounter Sexy Jimin, then it is normal to pause while the brain tries to reconfigure everything they once thought about the world.

This may last a few minutes or even hours, and it may result in becoming “frook shoken.”

Jimin is a master of duality, going from cute to sexy in mere seconds, so their definition of the “Jimin effect” is definitely accurate!



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