Here Are 10+ Hilarious Things BTS Has Done While Drunk

#4 is iconic. 😂

The members of BTS are already jokesters, but when you mix in some alcohol, they become certified comedians. Check out 10+ moments they made ARMYs crack up with their tipsy shenanigans.

1. Jin giving us his words of wisdom

It’s all for health purposes.

2. V teaching everyone how to open a bottle of Soju with swag

Who else can say they learned a party trick from Kim Taehyung himself?

3. When Jungkook went live with a bottle of wine

He tried everything from ASMR…

…to trying to convince ARMYs he wasn’t tipsy.

Sure, Jungkook!

4. J-Hope’s stark transformation

Sober J-Hope is the life of the party!

Drunk Hobi, however, looks like he could use a nap. Too cute!

5. RM looking way too good while drinking champagne

It might not be a funny moment, but it’s definitely an iconic one!

6. Jimin and J-Hope investigating abandoned houses after drinking

There’s nothing like ghost hunting after a few drinks.

Spoiler: The liquid courage didn’t help!

7. Suga living his best life

All it takes is a little wine and Suga’s reborn!

8. V spilling all over his face

He did it with confidence and that’s all that matters.

9. Jimin also spilling while pouring a glass

Gravity was not having it.

10. Jungkook finishing his beer way before his hyungs

It didn’t take him long at all!

11. Jin taking an “invisible” shot

That was smooth!

12. Showing another unique way to drink

If you don’t drink your beer with a bendy straw, we can’t be friends!

13. Jimin giving us this sassy meme pose

He’s such a mood!