Here Are The 10+ Merch Items You Can Buy From The FILA X BTS “Dynamite” Collection

This is not a want, but a NEED.

BTS has officially released their FILA X BTS “Dynamite Collection” merch. Inspired by the funky, retro designs of “Dynamite” and the classic, sporty look of FILA, check out all of the items you can purchase below.

1. Disco Sweatshirt

This design comes in lavender and displays the setting of the “Dynamite” music video on the back.

2. Logo Sweatshirt

“FILA” is spelled in building blocks on the front of the sweatshirt while the official “Dynamite” logo is across the back.

3. Basketball Hoodie

This light turquoise hoodie displays the iconic basketball hoop from the music video on the back. Additionally, the small FILA logo on the front is adorned with a basketball and hoop.

4. Donut Hoodie

The donut hoodie has a large graphic printed on the front and has a plain back.

5. Disco Logo Sweatshirt

The word “Disco” is printed across the back of the sweatshirt in the pattern below.

6. Dynamite Sweatshirt

The colorful and wavy “Dynamite” design is on the front of the cream sweatshirt with nothing on the back.

7. Dynamite Hoodie

This hoodie features the silhouettes of the BTS members on the back.

8. Neuron 5 Nucleus Sneakers

These sneakers come in black, white, and cream.

Each color has its own unique accent colors as shown.

9. Pouch Set

This set comes in in the two colors shown, with a black “Dynamite” pouch or purple “Dynamite” pouch. The alternate pouch also swaps colors accordingly.

10. String Bag

The string bag also comes in purple or black as shown.

11. Beanies

Beanies come in lavender or black with lyrics from the song printed on the front.

12. Scarves

Scarves match with the beanies’ colors and display a cute graphic on the end.

13. Socks

There are two different types of socks available. One design features the seven members of BTS, each with their own color.

The other design comes with three pairs of socks with the “Dynamite” logo down the ankle.

Watch the video of the boys rocking the pieces here!