15 Extremely Relatable Reactions To BTS’s “Dynamite” Teaser

[Panics in Yeontan]

After BTS announced they’re currently gearing up to make their return with an English single on August 21, the whole world has been preparing itself for the big day. With August now officially here, BTS decided to drop a mega surprise on ARMY.

On August 3, BTS lit everyone’s excitement with the very first teaser for the track “Dynamite”!

Fans are understandably excited to see the first teaser and finally get to know the track’s title. With #BTS_Dynamite taking over the top trends worldwide, here are just a few of the most relatable reactions to the big news:

1. I’m okay, I swear

2. Clowns who?

On July 27, Columbia Records began a mysterious countdown for BTS’s comeback, plus six more mystery events. While ARMY predicted the first countdown would lead to a teaser when the “surprise” was revealed it wasn’t what fans had expected.

While the countdown may have had fans feeling like they were clowned, the legit teaser has ARMY celebrating hard!

3. *Passes out on keyboard*

4. Answer: YES

5. Let’s hope this works

With the first teaser now revealed, that means will be getting concept photos soon, right? We definitely hope so! And just in case…

6. My heart!

We all know that BTS love ARMY to the moon and back, so we 100% agree that this is NOT a coincidence at all!

7. Legit

When the profile picture and the header get a comeback makeover? Yeah, you know it’s legit!

8. A comeback for all

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new one, a comeback is something for everyone. The joy of a comeback is something that we can, and will, enjoy together!

9. Well, they did say that!

10. *Kaboom*

11. An accurate representation

A 100% accurate representation of what is going to happen on August 21.

12. There will be tears

13. Okay!!!

14. Facts only

15. Petition to change today to August 21?

Seriously, can it be August 21 now? We seriously need it to be August 21!