10+ Funny BTS Fan Reactions To Columbia Records’ Countdown Fail

A highly anticipated BTS countdown ended in a way no one expected.

At midnight on July 31 (KST), Columbia Records revealed a “surprise” that BTS fans didn’t expect or want. Here are 10+ of ARMY’s funniest reactions to the countdown!

1. That’s it?

So many confused ARMYs were asking “that’s it?” and “where is it?” that the phrases became trending topics on Twitter.

2. If I-ARMY is mad, K-ARMY must be furious

3. Surprise?

4. In my defense, Your Honor…

5. Expectation vs Reality

When the countdown began, fans thought that the colors might correspond to each member, since there are a total of seven countdowns.

Now, they’ve changed their minds.

6. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

7. Looking on the bright side

AGUST D‘s D-2 countdown can’t relate.

8. That’s not how it works

“Twevehitphobia” is the fear that Big Hit Entertainment will drop new content at midnight. According to this fan, Columbia Records hasn’t mastered the art of it yet.

9. Oh, the irony!

10. Let me think about it for a second

11. We Are Bulletproof: The Circus

12. From embarrassment comes confidence

13. Trust no one!

14. Album of the Year

15. Clowned yet again!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse