BTS’s Countdown Clowned ARMYs So Hard That They’re Ready To Fight

Columbia Records’ BTS countdown surprised fans, but not in a good way.

For three stressful days, BTS fans have been counting down to a surprise, and the surprise is this: there is no surprise.

| Big Hit Entertainment
| Big Hit Entertainment

On July 27, Columbia Records kicked off a countdown for BTS’s August 21 release, plus six other mysterious events.

Fans predicted that the first scheduled event (July 31, 12AM KST) would be a teaser for BTS’s comeback, but when the clock struck twelve, this popped up instead.

Needless to say, fans were disappointed. For one thing, following BTS on music platforms, including Spotify, is already a given.

For another, WTF? The tweet’s comment section is being flooded by confused ARMYs, and they’re demanding to know the reason for this next-level clownery.

Well, at least it isn’t another headache-inducing countdown like the one for Agust D‘s D-2…right?

In case you missed it, here are the rest of the countdown dates. Nobody knows what to expect from them now, but here’s hoping that the next surprise will be, well, a surprise.

  • July 31, 12AM KST
  • August 4, 12AM KST
  • August 5, 12AM KST
  • August 7, 12AM KST
  • August 19, 12AM KST
  • August 21, 1PM KST
  • August 22, 12AM KST

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