Here Are 10 Hilarious Moments When BTS Turned Red With Embarrassment

#7 will make you wheeze!

Even the BTS members sometimes get embarrassed. After all, they’re only human! Check out 10 times their shy and embarrassed reactions were too funny (and adorable)!

1. When BTS watched their Red Bullet concert from 2014

From the makeup to the “AYO” in Jimin’s speech, their reactions are classic!

2. When Jungkook received praise for his abs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

When he comes off stage, he becomes his shy self again.

3. When Suga missed the target completely at Idol Star Athletics Championships

0 points on the board but 100 points in ARMY’s hearts!

4. When the members started telling J-Hope how cool his tennis skills are

Everyone tell him how cool he is!

5. When V responded like this when the members praised “Sweet Night”

Cutest reaction ever!

6. When an ARMY accidentally didn’t see Jimin’s high five

Oops, she left him hanging!

7. When J-Hope turned red after reading about the health benefits of pickles

He didn’t know that it would say something like this!

8. When Jungkook got praised by Tori Kelly for his song cover

When he touches his ears, you know he’s feeling shy!

9. When BTS told Jimin about his status as a stan attractor

Global fans love him!

10. When Coldplay’s Chris Martin told J-Hope how good “Chicken Noodle Soup” is

His shy smile is so precious!