10+ Times BTS’s Extraness Gave Suga Secondhand Embarrassment

Prepare to laugh…and cringe.

Suga loves his BTS members, but sometimes their absurdity is just a little (or a lot) too much for him. Here are 10+ of the many times they gave him secondhand embarrassment!


1. When BTS changed their introductory greeting to this:

2. When Rapper Jin debuted…


3. …and made his comebacks

4. When Jimin became his biggest (and loudest) cheerleader


5. When RM went full “Dance Monster” on Weekly Idol…


6. …and Jin gave ARMY his heart


7. When his “bodyguards” insisted on escorting him to the stage


8. That time Jin and V had their own dance party at the Golden Disc Awards


9. When V and Park Hyung Sik had this bromantic moment in front of the whole world


10. When everybody was way too excited about the American Music Awards…


11. …and V shouted, “dreams come true!”


12. BONUS: When Suga’s own lovey-dovey texts to his members made him want to crawl under a rock