5 Times BTS and ENHYPEN Slayed The Same Fashion Style

This is every ARMYGENE’s dream!

BTS and ENHYPEN always bring their A game when it comes to fashion. However, sometimes their styles can overlap. Check out these 5 times when the members matched each other and gave us “father and son” vibes!

1. RM (BTS) and Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

RM and Jungwon wore the same sweatervest but gave completely different vibes.

| @sugalyricist/Twitter

RM was bundled up and used the vest as a pop of color during the cold winter weather in BTS’s Winter Package 2021.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Meanwhile, Jungwon paired it with a fraying button-up shirt for a shabby chic vibe.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

2. Jin (BTS) and Heeseung (ENHYPEN)

Jin and Heeseung once wore the same silk button-up shirt.

| @sugalyricist/Twitter

Jin wore the Fawn Polka-dot cropped shirt in silk is by Saint Laurent in the “Dynamite” music video.

| BTS Official/Facebook

If you want to match the two boys, you’ll have to throw down over $1000!

3. J-Hope (BTS) and Sunghoon (ENHYPEN)

Sunghoon wore the Happy Flower Army Knit by LANDLORD for ENHYPEN’s photoshoot with SEVENTEEN Magazine Japan.

| @ihs_heeseung/Twitter

J-Hope wore the same sweater during many of the “Life Goes On” promotions, including the “In The Forest” version of the music video.

The sweater retails for $550.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

4. Suga (BTS) and Sunoo (ENHYPEN)

Suga and Sunoo wore the same cozy cardigan but made it unique to their own style.

| @sugalyricist/Twitter

Suga wore it for his long-anticipated return to the stage at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.


Meanwhile, Sunoo paired it with a turtleneck and made ENGENE swoon with some adorable selfies.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

5. Jin (BTS) and Jake (ENHYPEN)

Both Jin and Jake have rocked the Snowflake Cricket Sweater by Ralph Lauren.

| @sugalyricist/Twitter

Jin donned the cozy look while filming BTS’s 2021 Winter Package.

On Weekly Idol, Jake dressed up the sweater by layering it with a button-up shirt.

| @mbcweeklyidol/Twitter

The sweater retails for $387!

| @mbcweeklyidol/Twitter

Same Fit, Different Vibes