8 Behind-The-Scenes Moments Of BTS’s “EoGiYeongCha Seoul” Video You Need To See

#3 is too cute. 🤣

As honorary Seoul tourism ambassadors, the BTS members recently starred in a campaign video for VisitSeoul called “EoGiYeongCha Seoul.” Check out 8 must-see moments from the filming below!

| Seoul TV/YouTube

1. Jin being ethereal during his solo shoot

The combination of Jin’s stunning visuals and the gorgeous light coming through in the background makes this scene even more incredible behind the scenes!

Seriously, he looks angelic!

2. Jungkook learning traditional Korean drums

ARMYs get an exclusive behind-the-scenes snippet of Jungkook learning proper technique on the drums.

As expected of the Golden Maknae, he picked up all the skills with ease!

3. V making an adorable mistake with his fan

V made the absolute cutest expression when his solo shoot didn’t go according to plan.

However, with a little more practice, he was able to nail it!

4. RM ending all models’ careers with one look

RM proved he has what it takes to steal the show during his charismatic solo shoot.

He even ended his shoot with some kind words to the staff. Typical RM!

5. Suga conducting the beats of ARMY’s hearts

Watching Suga in his element? Totally hot.

His hypnotizing hand movements made for an epic scene in the ad!

6. J-Hope instantly becoming “Hobi” in the blink of an eye

He starts off super cool as he walks like the king he is…

…but once his shoot is finished, he can’t help but have some fun!

7. Jimin proving he was an ice skater in a past life

Jimin can do just about anything…and beautifully!

He showed off his dancing prowess when he did a perfect spin.

8. BTS walking like kings

Make way for royalty…

…BTS is coming through!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!