7 Adorable Moments Between BTS And EXO At Gayo Daejejeon That Will Melt Your Heart

They’re putting an end to fanwars!

BTS and EXO are actually a lot closer than fans sometimes remember and their interactions at MBC‘s Gayo Daejejeon prove it! Here are some of the incredibly adorable moments between the two groups that are guaranteed to melt your heart!


1. When Jimin and Kai were this adorable!

First, Jimin was spotted having a whispered conversation with Kai…


Then they shared a hug!


2. When Jimin turned to greet the rest of EXO with the biggest smile ever!

Jimin’s smile says it all!


3. When this happened between Suho and Jimin

Jimin was quite the social butterfly during the show! But when he shared this laughing moment with Suho, EXO-Ls and ARMYs just couldn’t stop their hearts from fluttering!


4. When EXO were spotted feeling the beat

The EXO members just couldn’t stop themselves from dancing as RM and Suga were rapping! Now that’s how you spread positivity!


5. When Baekhyun and V had this interaction

V was spotted interacting with Wanna One’s Park Jihoon when he suddenly turned towards Baekhyun…


And roped him into the conversation for a while!


6. When Suho greeted Jimin

Despite already greeting Jimin earlier, when Suho went roaming around the stage he greeted Jimin one more time before greeting the members of SEVENTEEN!


7. This incredible finale

And as the show came to an end we were all blessed with the very happily waving Chanyeol, Kai, and Jimin!