7 Times BTS’s Extroverts And Introverts Were Complete Opposites

#3 is so obvious!

The BTS members currently have three extroverted MBTI personality types (RM, J-Hope, and Jimin) and four introverts (Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook). Though some of them have changed over the years, it’s always easy to spot the difference between the two groups! Check out 7 times there was a strong divide between the wild members and the reserved members.

1. The stark difference between the people who chose each answer is hilarious.

Choosing between “hanging in your dressing room” or “hanging with celebrities” really sums them all up!

| Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

2. The extroverts share the same braincell and stood up to dance at the same time!

This is a party for the wild ones.

3. Even during a live broadcast, you can get a sense of who has which kind of MTBI.

Do you vibe more with Team extroverted RM and Jimin or with Team introverted Suga?

4. Extroverts aren’t afraid to be extra. No pun intended!

You can always count on them to bring the energy.

5. His shyness is so precious.

All introverts know how it feels to be a little starstruck!

6. J-Hope might be the king of the extroverts.

He has no shame being a goofball to make his fans laugh!

7. This perfectly sums up Jungkook’s shy side.

Not today, crazy hyungs!