14 BTS Fan-Edited Hairstyles We Wish Were Real

The things we would do to see #5 happen.

ARMYs are known to get creative when editing new hairstyles onto BTS’ heads (and BTS themselves even see them from time to time). Some of the looks they create are just too good, and we need their stylists to recreate these looks ASAP.

1. V with an undercut. #Period

2. We’ve seen Jimin’s man bun, but how about some different colors?

3. …Or how about J-Hope with a man bun?

4. Jungkook with silver hair is something we didn’t know we needed until right now.

5. Men, look at Jin with long hair and take notes.

6. RM is no stranger to a deep red hair color, but a fiery red-orange would look even sexier.

7. Cruella de Vil Suga? Yes, PLEASE.

8. J-Hope with medium length hair is what dreams are made of.

9. Just imagine Jimin’s modern dance with this hairstyle.

10. It doesn’t matter if it’s blonde or black, but Suga needs an undercut. Like, now.

11. V with a bandana and long hair. Think “Not Today” but hotter (somehow).

12. What could have been…

13. No thoughts, head empty.

14. Nothing is sweeter than cotton candy Jin.