20 BTS Fan Struggles That New ARMYs Will Never Understand

Only old-school ARMYs can relate.

It doesn’t matter whether you became an ARMY in 2013 or five minutes ago; BTS loves all their fans. That said, there are some struggles that only old-school ARMYs can relate to. Check them out!

1. Subtitles? In your dreams.

2. The whole fandom’s dependence on Dailymotion

3. “The Cursed 14 Hours”

4. Black-haired Bangtan

5. Welcome to Ticketmaster. First time buying BTS tickets?

6. When enrolling in BTS’s fancafe was more stressful than getting into college

7. The “IDOL” era

8. Suga’s alter ego, Min Yoonji

9. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

10. 2017 MAMA

11. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

12. To the Edge of the Sky walked so that BTS WORLD could run.

Back in 2018, this indie BTS game was a dream come true!

13. Superstar BTS

14. The drought that drove us mad

15. Getting tormented by the “FAKE LOVE” teaser

16. Mobile? Ha. Haha. Ha…

17. The recommended videos nobody asked for.

18. Tattooed Tae

19. This peak “Jin Hit” moment

20. Two words: This Jungkook