7 Intriguing Theories About BTS Suga’s Scar In Agust D’s “Daechwita” MV

These theories will change the way you see his new music video.

Last week, BTS‘s Suga made his highly anticipated comeback as his alter ego Agust D with his mixtape D-2. The music video for its title track “Daechwita” has fans knee-deep in theories. Here are 7 intriguing theories about his scar.

1. Breaking the norms and beating the system

Agust D’s scar could simply be an aesthetic choice, like V‘s markings in BTS’s first “ON” MV, but history-loving fans say that isn’t so. Those who have watched Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo may recall that women with scars could not marry kings. Likewise, men with scars could not become kings.

By ascending the throne and proudly displaying his scar, King Agust D is sending a Joseon-style FU to society and its norms.

2. The false king

Eagle-eyed fans theorize that the blonde King Agust D is actually a false king impersonating the real King Agust D.

Why? His scar is fresh, while the dark-haired Agust D’s scar is much older.

3. Scarface, literally

Agust D’s first mixtape features a song called “Tony Montana”. The title is taken from the name of the protagonist in the movie Scarface. Some fans believe that Agust D’s scar is a reference to this song.

4. An eye for an eye

In the behind the scenes making film for “Daechwita” MV, Suga confirmed that the mad, blonde king is Agust D, who rose to power in 2016. The dark-haired Agust D is a the Agust D of 2020 who has come to take the throne.

His scar may call to mind the idiom “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. This means that an injured person will take revenge by inflicting the same injury on the person who caused their wounds. Since both Agust Ds have scars, could they have already fought each other in the past?

5. Time travel

According to this fan, Jin isn’t the only time traveler in BTS!

What if black-haired Agust D came from the future to stop his past self from making a catastrophic mistake?

6. The scar is self-inflicted

This clever fan pointed out the knife that Agust D used to free himself in the “AGUST D” MV. The knife was both his escape and his downfall.

7. Old wounds vs new scars

This fan theorizes that blonde Agust D’s scar is fresh because he is the king of the past; his emotional scars haven’t had time to heal yet.

Since black-haired Agust D is from the future, his scars have already healed.

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