7 Shocking Fan Theories About BTS, That Could Actually Be True

Has ARMY finally figured it out?

BTS fans have an endless supply of ever-changing and twisting theories that grow more complex each time BTS has a comeback. Big Hit Entertainment loves to keep fans guessing, but these theories are so crazy that they might actually be true.


1. The Butterfly Effect and Time Traveller Jin

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect refers to a phenomenon where the tiniest, localized change has a ripple effect that can cause large effects elsewhere.

According to the theory, a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a typhoon. One small change can change the entire universe, for better or for worse.


Butterflies are a recurring BTS motif and may be tied to this theory. A butterfly card appears in the “Run” music video…


…and V seems to mimic the card when he is lying on this mattress in the “On Stage: Prologue” video. RM is the first to approach V. He is also the one who picked up the butterfly card.


The “I Need U” music video introduced each member’s unique plot line.


Subsequent music videos reimagined each situation in different ways, supporting the idea that the slightest change in the present can alter the future.


From “I Need U” onward, all plotlines have been tied to Jin, leading many to believe he is a time traveler who has tried over and over again to change his members’ fates.


In the “Euphoria” video, Jin appears to have finally succeeded. In “On Stage: Prologue” V was the one who jumped into the water…


…but in the “Euphoria” video, Jin jumps in his place. This suggests that he has either changed or exchanged their fates.


“Fake Love”, however, implies that destiny cannot be changed after all. Jin, who was once tasked with changing their fates, finds himself locked alone in a room, just like the other members.


When Jin switched places with V, it appears as though his role as time-traveler/fate-changer was passed on to Jungkook, continuing their neverending cycle.


Throughout the video, Jungkook runs through the building but, like Jin, is unable to save his members.


2. The Smeraldo Flower

Fans have long suspected that the smeraldo flower is intricately tied to BTS. The flower, which does not exist in reality, was discovered on June 12, 2013, the same day BTS debuted.


On August 9, 2017, Jin added fuel to this theory when he uploaded this photo of himself holding a bouquet. He captioned the photo “smeraldo”.


A vase of these flowers made a brief appearance in the “Run” music video, two years before Jin’s post.


Fans were shocked to see the flower yet again, nearly a year after his post, when BTS dropped their “Singularity” music video. In it, V can be seen holding what strongly resembles a smeraldo flower.


These flowers do not exist in nature, but can be created by spray painting white flowers blue. The lyrics for “The Truth Untold” mention a “blue flower” that “bloomed in a garden of loneliness”.

In flower language, “smeraldo” means “sincerity that could not be delivered” or “the truth I could not tell”. This sentiment is strongly expressed in “The Truth Untold”.


This flower also makes an appearance in Jin’s lantern during the “Fake Love” music video.


3. Everything is a lie.

On Twitter, Korean user @loveis5353 theorized that everything we’ve seen in the BTS music video universe could be false. The translated thread has been retweeted over 20,000 times and has blown just as many minds.


This theory used the “Fake Love” teaser as the basis for the analysis. @loveis5353 suggested that various objects seen in the teaser represent fears. The items BTS received in exchange for these “fears” are memories that represent happiness.

“Magic Shop is psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude.”  This quote appears at the beginning of the “Fake Love” teaser.


These memories, however, that were seen in BTS’s highlight reel, are not memories at all. They are the product of imagination.


Check out @loveis5353’s thread for the whole complicated story.


4. Jungkook is the boy in Omelas.

Fans have speculated that there is a connection between “Fake Love” and Ursula K. Le Guin‘s story, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”.


In the story, a child who is locked up in the basement of Omelas, a town, must sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of the town’s happiness.


Fans believe that in the “Fake Love” storyline, Jungkook must sacrifice his own happiness for his members’ happiness, or else they will continue their cycle of never-ending suffering.


5. V is the mastermind.

Could V be the puppetmaster controlling Jin’s strings? Some fans think so!


This theory goes back to the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” music video, where V played a fallen angel.


Throughout the video, V is seen lying beneath a shroud. V’s inner darkness is revealed once the veil is, quite literally, lifted.


This happens at the same time Jin kisses the dark-winged angel statue.


V hides his true self behind a veil, then hides it once more in “Singularity”, when he puts on this mask. This has made some fans theorize that his character may have hidden, sinister motives.


6. The Mysterious Figure

Many fans believe that the masked figure in “Fake Love” may be the same hooded figure from “Fire”. This could explain why Suga’s and Jungkook’s storylines are so strongly linked.


When Suga shook hands with the hooded figure in “Fire”, this could have indicated a soul-selling deal that sealed Suga’s fiery fate.


Throughout the series, Jungkook tried to rescue Suga…


…but ultimately fails.


Perhaps, at the end of “Fake Love”, Jungkook is about to make his own deal with the masked figure that will negate Suga’s original one.


7. The Mysterious Figure – Part 2

Plot twist! BTS’s extended version of the “Fake Love” music video has just blown many of the previous theories on this list out of the water!


At the end of the extended video, Jungkook emerges from the building wearing a cloak.


When he puts on this mask, it’s revealed that he himself is the hooded figure from the original “Fake Love” music video.


The coat racks in the video were bare because the cloaks are being worn by different versions of the other six BTS members.


BTS met masked versions of themselves at the Magic Shop!


With a cliffhanger like this, it’s impossible to know where BTS will go from here.


Do you have a theory?