Here Are 8 Times BTS Were Their Own Fanboys In The “Butter” Shooting Sketch

They always show love to their members!

BTS recently released behind the scenes footage from the filming of their latest music video for their track “Butter.” Although fans have been going crazy over the song, BTS showed that they were just as excited to watch their members film the music video.

Here are eight times that the BTS members were their own fanboys during the “Butter” shooting sketch.

1. Jin was fascinated by J-Hope’s huge shoulders.

If anyone can pull off shoulder pads that extreme, it is J-Hope!


2. It seemed as if V and Jin joined ARMY in being amazed by Jungkook’s hair.

Is there no end to his beauty?


3. Jimin became the number one J-Hope supporter!

Aren’t we all members of the J-hope support team?


4. All RM needs to do is take his jacket off to send the members into a frenzy.

It’s the small things that drive ARMY crazy!


5. Suga also seemed to have the same effect.

Suga manages to make the smallest gestures look cool and effortless.


6. Main dancer J-Hope couldn’t hide his pride watching V do his freestyle cut.

He looks like a proud father watching from the sidelines.


7. Despite some of their apprehension, Jimin loved watching his members dance.

The members had nothing to worry about!


8. Jimin is definitely psychic!

We can all agree that Suga shined during the entire video.



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