15 Iconic Fancam Moments From BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” In Seoul Concerts Everyone Should See

Did #4 actually happen? 😂

Sometimes, the best moments of BTS concerts aren’t captured on the big screen! Luckily, ARMYs in the audience made sure to catch every little detail. Check out some of the best fancams below!

1. Another angle of this adorable moment with V and Jungkook

2. Jimin caught scheming to miss Suga’s high five

3. Suga’s little dance from behind

4. V giving ARMYs the most hilarious information

5. RM running out of luck with the cannons

6. J-Hope flashing his million dollar smile

7. Jimin sitting on an invisible chair

8. Jungkook accepting a rose from ARMYs

9. Jin earning the title of “Worldwide Handsome” during soundcheck

10. V getting down to business

11. Suga leaving ARMYs in awe of his beauty

12. Jungkook’s sentimental moment

13. Jimin and J-Hope going crazy during soundcheck

14. RM and Jin being best buddies

15. J-Hope making direct eye contact with an ARMY


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