ARMYs Pick 20+ Most Iconic BTS Mashups You Need To Hear ASAP

#8 needs to be REAL.

These BTS fanmade mashup songs are created by ARMYs, for ARMYs! In a new Twitter thread, fans pick their favorites of all time. Check out 20+ of the best fanmade mashup songs below.

1. J-Hope x Doja Cat

2. BTS x Dua Lipa

3. Positions x Paradise

4. Jimin x Rihanna

5. BTS x KDA

6. 7 rings x Mic Drop

7. Dark Horse x Daechwita

8. Epiphany x Wildest Dreams

9. Megan x RM

10. Desperado x Lie

11. Lil Mix x BTS

12. Base Line x Give It To Me

13. People x I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

14. J-Hope x Megan

15. Lovely x Winter Bear

16. Taki Taki x Blood Sweat Tears

17. V x Ariana Grande

18. Dynamite x Doja Cat

19. Arson x Burn It

20. BTS x Ariana Grande

21. Butter x Finesse