10 Times BTS Gave Fans Exactly What They Wanted

#2 proves they’re the kings of fanservice!

BTS will do just about anything to make ARMYs smile. Check out 10 times below when they showed that they take fanservice to the next level!

1. When Jin posed for all the fansites during a fansign

He even made sure to get his good side: Every side!

2. ARMY’s wish is J-Hope’s command

When a fan said they wanted to see J-Hope’s hand on Weverse, he immediately posted this photo captioned “hand.” Talk about service!

| Weverse

3. All of V’s shirtless posts

This has to be the best fanservice of all!

4. Jungkook showing Jimin’s abs

Someone had to do it.

5. Jimin playing with fans

He won the game, and the fan’s heart!

6. RM’s workout sessions during In The Soop Season 2

This healthy hobby doubles as fan service!

7. Suga’s aegyo

Acting cute isn’t his favorite thing to do…

…but for ARMYs, he won’t hesitate!

8. When BTS played with puppies during an interview

The only thing better than BTS…

…is BTS with puppies. Who wouldn’t want to see that?!

9. Posting embarrassing photos of each other

On each member’s birthday, ARMYs love seeing all the cute and funny photos of the members!

| @BTS_twt

Luckily, BTS has a never-ending supply of funny pictures.

10. Being cute together on stage

No matter which two members are together, they always put on an adorable show.

Seriously, they’re too cute!