These Are The 10 Most Iconic Outfits That BTS Slayed Over The Decade

They’ve always looked like superstars.

Since their debut in 2013, BTS have experimented with multiple concepts — rocking out in the coolest stage outfits. From uniforms to suits, ranging from sporty to fancy, BTS sure did leave behind some of the most iconic looks this decade. Here are the top 10 trendiest styles among the countless BTS have slayed throughout their eras between 2013-2019.


1. “The Rise of Bangtan” Era

This collegiate look for Inkigayo on November 13, 2017 gave them that hottest frosh heartthrobs on campus glow.


2. “Boy In Luv” Era

This mildly-delinquent school uniform look for Inkigayo on February 16, 2014 had nunas screaming wild for these bad boys.


3. “Dope” Era

This SWAT look for Inkigayo on July 5, 2015 left us asking for trouble, so we could get busted by Special Force BTS.


4. “Run” Era

This particular album picture in 2015 will forever be our favorite, as it continues to look trendy AF in 2019.


5. “Fire” Era

BTS wilding in tropical dad-shirts and fringy camouflage jackets — and still managing to look this amazing — shook France at KCON 2016.


6. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era

This silky, satin sexiness for Inkigayo on October 23, 2016 was a wholesome vibe that gave us life.


7. “DNA” Era

This sporty, old-school type look for Show Champion on September 27, 2017 painted our worlds as colorful as their tops!


8. “Mic Drop” Era

BTS were draped in Dior for the US Rose Bowl tour concert on May 5, 2019 and needless to say, this outfit and performance will go down in K-Pop history.


9. “IDOL” Era

This traditional hanbok fusion look at the Melon Music Awards on December 2, 2018 made them look like modern day aristocrats.


10. “Boy With Luv” Era

This pretty-in-pink look for Show! Music Core on April 27, 2019 might be the perfect example of real men wearing real men colors.



The thing is, every single era thus far has been BTS’s best era — and every single outfit deserved to be on this list. Their latest “K-Pop Gods” look at the Melon Music Awards on November 30, 2019 was nothing short of absolute perfection.

Source: Twitter