Here Are Each BTS Member’s Favorite Stage Outfits Of All Time

They picked some fan-favorite looks!

Throughout the years, BTS has tried a wide variety of different stage outfits for each comeback. From traditional Korean clothes to the classic suit and tie, everyone has their own favorite look from the past. Check out what each member chose for themselves below!

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1. RM

RM chose his hanbok from “IDOL.”

As a proud Korean, BTS’s hanbok stage outfits for “IDOL” confidently represented their culture and left many Korean fans with a strong sense of pride!

Additionally, he chose his “Mic Drop” suit that he rocked during the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2. Jin

Jin’s “Dope” doctor outfit was loved by both fans and himself!

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His visual power is undeniable with or without the lab coat and stethoscope.

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3. Suga

Suga chose “MIC Drop,” which left fans with many hip-hop inspired looks, featuring bold patterns, bandanas, and more.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope picked multiple looks, including his yellow GUCCI rabbit sweater in the “IDOL” music video.

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Next, as a true lover of hip-hop, he chose his cool and trendy streetstyle looks in “MIC Drop.”

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Last but certainly not least, he picked the suits from “Boy With Luv.” His versatile style shows he can pull off all of these looks with ease!

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5. Jimin

Jimin chose a fan favorite with “Blood Sweat & Tears!”

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His outfits has intricately detailed blazers, deep V-necks, and an overall princely vibe that ARMY would love to see again!

6. V

V named a specific concert outfit that fans can never forget. His black “Singularity” outfit is totally iconic!

The mysterious and edgy look only appeared at a few concerts that only lucky fans were able to see.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook chose the outfits from BTS’s latest “Permission To Dance On Stage” concerts, including “ON,” “Black Swan,” and “Permission To Dance.”

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| BIGHIT Music
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