10+ Relatable AF Reactions To BTS’s “Film Out” MV

Fans are in love with BTS’s new music video.

BTS just dropped their “Film out” MV, and ARMYs are falling madly in love with it. Here are 10+ very relatable fan reactions to this fantastic new music video!

1. There are two types of ARMYs

2. When locals don’t know the difference between BTS and the BTS Universe

3. Old school ARMYs be like:

4. Even TETRIS is going through it

5. No thoughts, just Jungkook

6. This UNO reverse card

7. Can we? Can we please?

8. Everyone who got blindsided by the new Big Hit Music intro

9. Is it okay to marry a voice? Because I’m gonna.

10. LaLaLa~

11. Bring the pain on…again

12. ARMY.exe has stopped working

13. Chef’s kiss

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