25 Nostalgic Photos From BTS’s First Birthday Party

These photos will take you back in time to the first-ever FESTA.

On June 13, 2013, BTS debuted and changed the course of music history. A year later, they celebrated their first-ever FESTA with ARMY. Now, in honor of their 6th anniversary, here’s a look back at 25+ photos from their first birthday celebrations.


1. J-Hope and V basking in pre-party vibes…


2. …and blowing up balloons

3. Jungkook shopping for birthday dinner ingredients


4. Fridge models RM (then Rap Monster) and Jin


5. Worldwide Shoulders being Worldwide Shoulders


6. Jimin sharing whipped cream with ARMY (Yum!)


7.  V, Jungkook, and J-Hope…


8. …versus the only people who are actually working


9. Dinner is ready!


10. BTS’s very first birthday party. BTS, ARMY, and a stuffed cheetah were in attendance.


11. Jimin’s unnecessary censoring…


12. …and RM’s dramatic dishwashing


13. Suga, judging everyone and everything

14. The cutest balloon ever, made by Mochi


15. This dynamic duo


16. “One year with BTS.” – V


17. “One year with BTS.” – Jimin


18. “One year with BTS.” – Suga


19. “One year with BTS.” – Jin


20. “One year with BTS.” – Jungkook


21. “One year with BTS.” – J-Hope


22. “One year with BTS.” – RM


23. Birthday party at BigHit…


24. …with this, umm…creative…cake.

 25. BONUS: BTS’s 1st birthday party video