What Did BTS’s First Ever Teasers Tell Us About The Member’s Personalities?

We couldn’t even see Hobi’s face during their debut.

Cast your minds back to June 2013. Big Hit Entertainment has just released teasers for their upcoming boy group, BTS, and their debut single “No More Dream”. Each member gets a chance in the spotlight but what must fans have thought of each member after seeing these videos?

1. Jungkook

First up we have the golden maknae himself. Even back then Jungkook’s boyish charms were surely enough to win over the hearts of many.

You can see why Jungkook was singled out as having real visual power immediately. He certainly gave out “bad boy” vibes in these teasers.

2. Jin

Next up we have “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” before he adopted that moniker. Jin has a matured and reserved style in these teasers while also being unbelievably good-looking.

3. Suga

They try to make Suga look intense and scary in this teaser but we all know now that Yoongi is incredibly soft. Even though he’s scowling, you can still see his cuteness underneath it.

4. V

comes across as goofy and loveable in these teasers, that much remains true to this day! We also see a hint of his visual power.

5. J-Hope

Big Hit clearly wanted J-Hope to be a silent “enforcer” type in these teasers which is funny considering how outgoing and kind J-Hope is these days. Putting his beautiful face behind a facemask was also a crime.

6. Jimin

Jimin was portrayed as a slightly immature but cool bad boy. We now know Jimin as a very professional performer who wears his heart on his sleeve.

What hasn’t changed is those abs though.

7. RM

RM or Rap Monster as he was then known is clearly portrayed as the leader. It’s his voice that plays in the back of the teasers and his sunglasses and haircut give the impression of being the “top dog” of the group. RM is still BTS’s fearless leader but he seems a lot softer now than he did in these teasers.

You can watch the full teasers below and form your own impressions of what people must have thought of the members in 2013.