BTS Is Known As “Deep-Fried Veggie Boys” — Here Are 10+ Moments Living Up To That Nickname

Like fried vegetables, they never separate!

BTS earned the nickname 야채튀김 소년단, or Deep-Fried Veggie Boys, for one specific reason; they’re constantly stuck together like deep-fried vegetables. Here are 10+ adorable moments of the members losing their concept of personal space and fully embracing their precious nickname!

1. Deep-fried vegetables attacking J-Hope’s bed

2. Crammed all onto one bench

3. Resting on each other’s laps

4. Cuddling to sleep


5. Laughing deep-fried veggies

6. Constantly stuck together for group hugs


7. Angelic veggie boys

8. Cramming onto one bed


9. One chair = Two people

10. Sticking to the eldest

11. Baby vegetable boys


12. Staying together to keep warm

13. The youngest sticks to his big brother

14. A blanket…or Jimin?

15. Maknae line veggies

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

16. More group hugs


17. Even during filming

18. Also at photoshoots

19. Convenience store veggies on camera


20. Moving as a single unit

21. Boiling vegetables


22. They never drift apart

23. That’s our BTS!