10+ Of BTS’s Funniest Moments From Awards Shows That We Will Never Forget

#4 is seriously iconic!

You can’t take BTS anywhere…and when you do, something funny is bound to happen! Because of their chaotic nature, they’ve accumulated some hilarious memories throughout the years. Check out 10+ of their funniest memories from awards shows that ARMYs will never forget!

1. J-Hope being caught on camera saying “I need to go pee”

Your secret is safe with us, Hobi!

2. Jungkook sneaking some snacks in the middle of the show

He was hungry!

3. V and Choi Woo Shik giggling after making eye contact

It’s the moment when you meet eyes with your BFF and crack up uncontrollably.

4. BTS carrying Suga onto the stage and escorting him like spies

He’s in good hands.

5. Jin proving he’s never caught slipping

Goofy? Nope, sexy!

6. Jin’s never caught slipping: Part 2

He’s here to steal the spotlight.

7. Jungkook being dragged away from the mic by Jin

He tried his best…

…and it ended with a twist!

8. BTS being terrified of the fireworks

Be careful, boys!

9. V and Jungkook being themselves during a speech

You can always count on the two youngest members to get into mayhem.

10. J-Hope dancing in his own world during speeches

He can’t be stopped!

11. Jin’s reaction to his name being called

This is what we call legend behavior.

12. V’s reaction to Bang PD’s voice cracking

Yes, we saw that!

13. BTS being the life of the party

They had a blast…and forgot anyone else existed.

14. Jungkook and Jin just passing through

The oldest and the youngest have a lot in common!

15. V doing this with the MC

If you thought V thrusting was hilarious…

…the duo performance is even better!

16. Jungkook running from the mic at every opportunity

He evaded it with some ninja-like skills.

Look at him go!