BTS’s 17 Hilarious And Iconic Moments During Interviews We Will Never Forget

#4 is so chaotic!

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to BTS‘s interviews! Check out some of the funniest moments below that we can’t forget.

1. When they sing at the most random moments

2. When they revealed if they get along or not

3. When V stopped speaking explanation

4. When they described RM like this

5. When they had this reaction

6. When Jin said this about himself

7. When Jungkook said this to Jimin

8. When they invented a new animal

9. When this hilarious moment happened

10. When Jimmy Fallon was a Chimmy stan

11. When Suga played along with this meme

12. When they tried to figure out who has the deepest voice

13. When Suga reminded J-Hope of a TikTok cat trend

14. When V told the story of his friend

15. When Jimin hadn’t fallen from his chair yet so he took a dive

16. When BTS proved they are the kings of sound effects

17. When Jimin imitated Usher like this


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