Here Are 10 Iconic Behind-The-Scenes Moments From BTS’s Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 Commercial

No one was ready for #4. 😂

In a new video from Samsung, the BTS members are having a blast behind the scenes while shooting their commercial for the Galaxy Flip 3. Check out all of the funniest, cutest, and best moments below!

1. Each member showing off their own unique charms

How do you not fall in love with all of them?!

2. Jin challenging Jungkook to a duel in the middle of filming

You can always expect these two to get into mayhem anytime, anywhere!

3. J-Hope walking into your life like this

…and who are we to stop him?

4. This unnecessary close-up of Jimin’s body roll

Thank you for your service, cameraman.

5. RM being the class clown

He’s here for their entertainment.

6. Everyone striking a pose on the count of three

They’re too cute!

7. Being anything but serious when the camera turns off

They work hard and play hard.

8. This is how you wear a suit!

Brought to you by the seven members of BTS.

9. All of the madness happening here

From V’s little shuffle to Jikook’s conversation, a lot is happening.

10. King behavior

Make way for legends!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!