10 Of BTS’s Funniest “Bangtan Style” Moments On Social Media

We need more info about #1.

BTS have posted plenty of hilarious content on social media that fans will never forget. Here are just 10+ of their funniest moments!

1. That time V and J-Hope watched Jimin watching K-Dramas in a bathtub.

The show was I Can Hear Your Voice. A classic!


2. When Worldwide Handsome rejected the staff’s censoring

3. That time Suga told HYBE to go away

4. Everybody say, “Thank you, Jungkook!”

5. When BTS put their own spin on “Follow the Leader”

6. When Fanboy JK exposed himself in the best possible way

7. That time V threw shade at Bang Si Hyuk…

…who was just minding his own business.

Bang Si Hyuk | Weverse
| Weverse

8. Kookachu, I choose you!

9. That time Jin logged into Twitter because Weverse kicked him out

10. When Suga exposed “cool city man” Jimin in front of the whole world.