Here Are 10+ Hilarious Things BTS Has Said Out Of Context

#2 doesn’t seem real, but it is. 😂

BTS gets into the strangest conversations and ARMYs love every second of their hysterical banter! Check out 10+ moments they proved their comedic skills with hilarious phrases taken out of context below.

1. In other words, he was very young.

2. The BTS members are part-time artists, part-time comedians.

3. This is actually me as a mosquito.

4. We prefer “legends.”

5. All I see is a flower field.

6. You can’t say he’s wrong.

7. It was a tragic moment for us all.

8. Reason #613 ARMYs think Suga is spying on them:

9. RM sweeps away his tears.

10. No one will ever know his reasoning.

11. I now pronounce you OT7.

12. The man, the myth, the legend.

13. Respect your elders.

14. There are children here!

15. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

16. The youngest is always the wildest.

17. It’s in the BIGHIT MUSIC contract.

18. That’s the best part of the show!