6 Reasons Why BTS Became Global Superstars In 6 Years

These boys will go down in history for changing the K-Pop game!

BTS is undeniably one of the biggest global superstars the K-Pop scene has seen, ever. In only six short years, what led this boy group to reach such success? Aside from the pure talent and swoon-worthy visuals, these six factors have contributed to how BTS took over the world.


1. BTS is scandal-free.

For K-Pop idols, dating rumors are hard to dodge, especially as the group’s fan base grows. Not only are dating rumors critical to a group’s reputation, but controversies or scandals in general can affect the fame. BTS has had little to no scandals. The boy group is devoted to working hard and keeping their heads in the game. When a reporter asked BTS members about girlfriends, member RM answered, “We got A.R.M.Ys. We got like thousands of girlfriends today here in the Microsoft Arena, so no need to worry.”


2. BTS works on their own songs.

Producer Bang Si Hyuk realized, as he was putting together the boy group, that these talented members deserve to become artists and share their musical genius with the world. This is why, unlike some K-Pop idol groups that reply on producers to create tracks, BTS members participate in the production of their albums. RM continues to include his productions in the group albums. RM, Suga, and J-Hope have released their own mixtapes, proving they are more than just pretty K-Pop faces. The members are good at singing, dancing, and producing their own bops, giving the group a whole new color.


3. BTS is well-rounded.

The norm in K-Pop is to divide up the members to cover certain aspects that are expected of the group. For example, some members who rap best would become the rapper-line and other members who dance best would become the dancer-line. In fact, there is even a “visual-line” in some groups, established for members who may not have one core skill, but are extremely good-looking. For BTS, this is not the case. All seven members belong to all kinds of lines. The members train hard so that anyone in the group can sing, rap, dance, and look good when he has to!


4. BTS is constantly interacting with fans.

While fans are potentially the most important factor in any group’s success, they are often overlooked. Just like the fans put the members first, BTS puts A.R.M.Y first, no matter what. BTS is constantly trying to communicate with fans. The members are active on Twitter, using the social media platform to reach out to their fans. After winning both Billboard awards, BTS members turned down afterparties so they could live broadcast for the fans who waited to celebrate the victory. BTS members are always openly appreciating the A.R.M.Y’s love and support. This strong loyalty and faith between the boy group and the fan base led BTS to succeed around the world. Without fans, no K-Pop group can exist. BTS understands this and makes sure the A.R.M.Y is happy.


5. BTS is on-air outside of Korea.

Thanks to RM who speaks English, BTS has encountered no trouble going on TV shows outside of Korea. Moreover, since the members are such a close-knit group, BTS can be quite entertaining to watch. Their latest appearances on the Ellen Show and the Late Late Show with James Corden kept the fans interested and engaged even when the group wasn’t actively promoting. Also, by going on these foreign shows and showing the world what a fun and talented group BTS really is, the members attracted millions of new global viewers who otherwise may not have known about the boy group from South Korea to become fans!


6. BTS creates tons of music videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

Searching “BTS” on YouTube will open doors to pages and pages of the group’s official music videos and behind-the-scene videos. Big Hit Entertainment stays on top of the video releases and makes sure that there are always plenty of videos to watch with a wide variety of content. With one video connecting to the next, BTS’s content can entertain for hours (and fans find themselves constantly falling victim to falling down the BTS video rabbit hole). To make their videos accessible to a wider audience most of them contain English captions. This level of dedication to providing quality content is bound to take the group to success!

Source: Insight