BTS Are Literally Glowing In New Photoshoot For Samsung

They’re masters at taking a selfie!

Recently, Korean tech company Samsung unveiled its new products as part of 2022 Samsung Unpacked, which you know means more content, including BTS!

Samsung Mobile released new HD photos of Ambassadors BTS modeling the new Galaxy Z Flip4 phone, and they’re literally glowing! Check them out below.

1. RM

Just when we thought #RM couldn’t look hotter… ❤️‍🔥 he’s here to serve with the new #GalaxyZFlip4.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

RM | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

2. Jin

Handsome and even cute? It’s #Jin giving a V-sign for a selfie with the #GalaxyZFlip4.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jin | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

3. Suga

Ahh sweet #SUGA… what better way to capture himself than with the new #GalaxyZFlip4?

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Suga | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

4. J-Hope

Just imagining all the perfect selfies #jhope took on his #GalaxyZFlip4 💜.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

J-Hope | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

5. Jimin

#Jimin having fun taking selfies with his #GalaxyZFlip4 🤳.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jimin | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

6. V

#V striking another pose with Flex Mode. He IS the moment 💯.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

V | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

7. Jungkook

#JungKook serving us the whole package 🎁 with the #GalaxyZFlip4.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Jungkook | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

8. OT7

It’s a Bora Purple world.

— @SamsungMobile/Twitter

Check out Samsung’s previous release of BTS content below.

Samsung Unveils New HD Photos Featuring BTS And The New Galaxy Z Flip4

Source: @SamsungMobile